Saturday 20 May 2017

Spotlight Saturday

Spotlight on Penny!

Little did I know 26 years ago when I gave birth to a chubby little girl with a shock of jet black hair what a roller coaster of a ride we were going to have with her. 

On Tuesday we celebrated Penny's 26th birthday. It was actually her 2nd celebration as we had a family get together on Sunday at my Mum and Dad's. 

So yes, we celebrated. Celebrated the many obstacles she has had to overcome to get to this point in her life. Celebrated her as a complete person with (a very late diagnosis of) autism and borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety. Celebrated that she is taking control of her life. Celebrated that she has found exercise and healthy living and is making huge strides in her personal fitness, body shape and self-image. 

Celebrated that she found such a great friendship group through her wrestling obsession and that through wrestling she has also managed to incorporate her love of writing by writing articles for the programmes. 
Yes, this is Penny going to hit a wrestler! Photo credit TurningFace
Celebrated her academic success and the fact that she managed to get her BSc despite all the trouble she had at school with being bullied. Celebrated that she is doing so well with her MA. 
Penny with Ben at the front and her cousins behind - the first cousins photo for 5 years!

Yes, we celebrated her life to date and what a wonderful, caring, clever and funny young lady she has grown into. A young lady whom I am proud to call my daughter and my friend. 

Penny is quite happy for me to mention her disabilities and mental health issues - she blogs/Tweets/tumblr about them and gave me permission to talk about them on my blog. 


Jo said...

What a really lovely post! I was thinking the other day how fantastic Penny was looking, she's doing so well x

Sian said...

A huge Happy Birthday to her! A post full of love to celebrate an extraordinary young woman. I wish her all the best for the year ahead

Alison said...

Such a lot to celebrate....I'm so glad she's in such a good place at the moment xx