Saturday, 29 July 2017

Spotlight Saturday - My week

For a change, a quick look at what I have been up to this week:

Saturday after Slimming World (lost 1lb of the 3 I had put on during my holiday!) Hugh and I went to Lakeside. I finally got to spend a voucher I had been given for Christmas and spent it all on books - most of them in the sale in Waterstones!

Sunday Hugh and I prepped lunches for the beginning of the week and then both spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying our crafts. I created 5 layouts!

Monday - I took a day off to prepare page kits for the Bloggers Weekend I am going to at the beginning of September. Really enjoyed doing this!

Tuesday Penny and I went to yoga in the evening. We usually go on Thursdays but that wasn't possible for me this week.

Wednesday was just a day of work in the office followed by a basket full of ironing in the evening!

Thursday after work I went out with my colleagues as one of us, Kathy, is leaving to move to Lowestoft so we had a farewell meal - she is the one wearing the white top.

Friday is my day off, which I love! I get all the chores done (including removing my gel nail varnish ready for redoing them tomorrow!) leaving the weekend free for us to do those jobs that never get done usually or just to relax

So that's my week in 7 photos! Hope you have had a good week too!


Jo said...

It's great to look at a week in the life of you! Plenty of fun things going on there x

alexa said...

I am very admiring of your advance preparation for the Bloggers' Weekend! And making five pages in an afternoon? You'll have to give me some productivity tips. I love your big blue splash behind the photo ...

Ruth said...

I do love a book token, and trying to see how many books I can buy with it! Goodness, you're organised for our weekend in September. I shall probably throw a few bits into my bag the evening before ... I'm a bit concerned that I might be missing out of loads of stuff by not being on Facebook any more.
Five pages? That's a productive afternoon!