Saturday, 22 July 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Spotlight on Sanditon

About a month ago I saw a photo here on Instagram from Ruth and it intrigued me. See also her blog post here and Julie Kirk's blog post here who co-hosted the 'Summertime Jane Austen Book Club'.

I have always loved reading Jane Austen and as I hadn't read this book I decided to join in. I managed to find a second hand copy on Amazon and threw it in my suitcase to take on holiday.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Did I notice where 'Another Lady' took over? No. However, having said that I don't know if it was because I had got back into the 'Jane Austen' style by Chapter 11 (when Another Lady took over) or whether it was because her style was slightly different, but I did find that I enjoyed the book much more from then on.  

It was very much in the Jane Austen style and although I haven't read her for a few years I really enjoyed the plot and the characters - in fact I became very engaged with the characters and wanted the heroine to find her hero and the villain to get his come upppance. Whether they did nor not I will not tell, just in case you want to read it too!

If you fancy looking on Instagram for comments about the book then these are the hashtags:

And on that note, if you do fancy reading this then let me know and the first person to ask for it I will 'sanditonalong' (see what I did theree!!) to you in the post - UK only though I am afraid as it is a hard back so to post abroad will be prohibitive!


Julie Kirk said...

I enjoyed it too - I definitely think the Other Lady took a few modern liberties - but it was a good read all round. And - yes - it's a shame she got to do all the fun parts when Austen had to do all the setting up!

I hope someone takes you up on your offer to pass the book along. Thanks for joining in and sharing!

Julie :-)

Ruth said...

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, and thanks for joining in with the #sanditonalong!

alexa said...

I am half-way through, so thank-you for not spilling the beans :). I am enjoying it too.