Saturday 26 August 2017

Spotlight Saturday - My Week

The past week has been quite relaxed - well apart from that going to work 'thing'! Actually, 2 years down the line from starting as a medical typist I still love my job. I go in, type letters, go home. There is no responsiblity, no worrying about the job and no worrying about what will happen if I am not there. And I LOVE not working on a Friday!

So, last week on Saturday Penny and I went to Bravissimo in Chelmsford for bra fittings and to get new bras. I've been going to Bravissimo for years (they are THE best for larger boobed ladies) but have had to travel to Cambridge if I wanted to go into a store (they also do mail order). Last month they opened in Chelmsford - yay!

Sunday saw us taking it easy. I did some scrapbooking and also enjoyed the sunshine and sat in the garden with a coffee and finished my book.

Monday was a work day, but after work I met Penny in the gym and we did an hour of cardio.

Tuesday after work Penny and I went for a walk in the park in the warm evening sunshine - got to make the most of it whilst we can!

Wednesday Hugh and I were working on a project we have planned. More of that to come (hopefully) in the next few weeks.

Thursday is yoga day!

Friday is my day off. Well, I do DO work, but it's housework not going out to work type work! However as it was sunny, once I had finished my jobs I took the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine again and read my new book.

And so here we are. Saturday again! And it's a bank holiday weekend which is great! Hope whatever you do you have fun!


Missus Wookie said...

Your week looks good, glad the job is working out so well. Was the book any good?

Jo said...

That looks like a really great week x