Saturday 16 December 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Oh what fun we had!

Wendy, Sue and I try to go out a few times together each year apart from spending one evening a month together crafting. We decided this year as one of our trips to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. We gathered at my house and walked to the station and caught the train to Liverpool Street. From there it was a relatively short tube ride to Marble Arch where we safely crossed the very busy road into Hyde Park.

We had arrived just after 11am and it was not very busy at all! This meant that we were able to have a leisurely stroll around and get our bearings.
If you haven't heard of Winter Wonderland it is basically set up with a 'German' market with lots of stalls selling Christmasy stuff, fairground rides, an icerink and a couple of different shows you can watch. We enjoyed looking at the fairground rides although we didn't go on any!

We even came across a 'barbecue train' which of course I had to have my photo taken in front of and send to Hugh!
We had booked to go into the Magical Ice Kingdom at 12.30 - we had thought it was cold walking around outside - it was nothing to how cold it was in there! It was minus 11 centigrade!

However we thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the ice sculptures and took many photos until our fingers and toes got so cold we had to exit!
Having exited we really needed to warm up and have some lunch. As basically all the lunch places were outside we left Hyde Park and went onto Oxford Street and found a branch of Ask Italian and had the most scrumptious lunch and got toasty and warm! We then went for a wander up Oxford Street, looking at the window displays and then we went into John Lewis and up onto their rooftop garden for a while.
As time was getting on we then returned to Winter Wonderland as we had booked to go on the Giant Observation Wheel at 4pm.
Now, I am not a lover of height and I don't like swaying things at heights! Err, what is the Observation Wheel? Yes, a swaying high thing!
However I managed to take a selfie with the view in the background, a few photos of the view as the wheel rotated and some photos of Wendy and Sue who were sitting opposite me!

It was a fantastic view, but I was really quite scared! However, watching Sue and Wendy trying to take selfies and cracking up over the process soon took my mind off it! Once off the wheel darkness had really fallen and the Wonderland did look really pretty.

We had another wander, had a coffee (for Sue and Wendy) and mulled wine for me! We finally left at just before 6pm.

It had been such a fun day. We had laughed and laughed. We had walked miles! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were really grateful to Hugh who picked us up from the station in the car! Now I have hundreds of photos to scrapbook in the New Year! Have you done anything fun with friends or loved ones this festive period?


Ruth said...

Looks like you all had a marvellous time! Not sure you'd have got me on the wheel (the cable car in October half-term was bad enough!) And yes, think of all those scrapbook pages!

alexa said...

Those ice sculptures look amazing - what a special day out. I've never heard of this. I admire your courage in going up in something high that sways - I think I'd have been down at ground level! Lovely to see something so unique ...