Saturday, 28 April 2018

Annexe update

There have been big strides in the build since the last update!
Firstly the windows have been put in….
The front of the annexe as you walk up the drive
The back of the annexe looking towards the back of the house
Meanwhile all the drive has been dug up ready for the installation of the new block paving which is going from the front of the house, up the drive and then half way down the back garden to the patio.

 Of course Hugh had to mess around on the pile of rubble....
And Penny had to have a go at pretending to drive the digger!
As did Hugh!
  There has been work going on inside too, with studwork going up to make the rooms…
Standing in the bedroom looking towards the bathroom/hall
Standing in the living area looking back to the bathroom
Electrical cables and pipework for the central heating has all been installed too but there isn’t much I can show you for that! And then last week the door was installed and now it really looks like a little house!
We have had the plasterers in this week and so now we have to wait for the plaster to dry and then the bathroom can be installed and we can start decorating. 
Hugh and Penny in the living area

Penny and I had the kitchen designer in from Wickes last week and this morning we are back at Wickes to see her design and to (hopefully) order the kitchen. We will be coming back via the flooring/tiling showroom to order the flooring for the living area/hall/bathroom and the tiles for the bathroom. I am slowly beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Penny is getting more and more excited and cannot wait to move in!

Oh yes - one more thing ... Penny passed her driving test this week!



Patio Postcards said...

Yeah, well done Penny. Driving is such a wonderful sense of freedom & independence. The little house is moving along quickly, soon a home!

Beverly said...

It is so nice, can't wait to see it finished!

Ruth said...

Lots of fab things happening in and around your home right now!