Saturday, 5 May 2018

Country Living Spring Fair

Last weekend I spent a very pleasant day with Wendy and Sue at Alexandra Palace at the Country Living Spring Fair. I had never been to one of these shows before – Sue suggested it as they get Country Living magazine at the chiropractors she works at and they got an offer for reduced price tickets! Ever ones for a bargain we quickly booked up 3 tickets! We had been to Ally Pally before for craft shows so we knew where we were going and that it was quite easy to take a packed lunch to eat!
Sue and Wendy arrived at my house at 10am and we jumped into my car and I drove us up – it only took about an hour to get there which was not too bad! Parking was easy and we took the shuttle bus up to the exhibition hall.

The whole exhibition was very sedate compared with a craft show! It was very relaxing walking around – there was a brass band playing and lots of lovely interesting stalls to look at. There were a couple of stalls with animals – some chickens and some lambs.
We meandered around for about an hour and then stopped for a  coffee and to people watch! After our coffee we attacked the stalls again! There were stalls selling jewellery (many unique designs which was nice), clothes stalls, furniture (I’ve found Penny a nice step stool to buy for her annexe), antique items and food stalls with quite a few samples to try! Most of the items were a bit pricey if you weren’t looking for a special present but it was fun to look at everything and chat to the stallholders. We decided it would be nice to have a photo in the arbour on the Country Living stand and a very nice man came and did the honours for us!
After eating our lunch out in the Palm Court area we re-entered and mooched around for a little longer before leaving just before it closed at 4pm. We were trying to take a selfie by the huge magazine cover when a lovely lady offered to take our photo for us.
Would I recommend it? Yes, it was a lovely day out but do not expect to get any bargains! There were definitely some lovely bits and pieces to buy but you do need to have deep pockets. Oh yes, and all the staff at Ally Pally were absolutely lovely – very friendly and chatty, which made the visit all the more enjoyable.

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Ruth said...

I do like to browse Country Living (says she who lives in the capital city and loves it!) and you're right about requiring deep pockets!