Thursday 7 June 2007

In the beginning!

Yay - I have started a blog! Probably no one will read this first posting as no one knows I have started it yet!

Have been off work sick this week with sinusitus and have spent a lot of time scrapping and also reading blogs. This has given me a great need to start my own blog. Wonder how long it will last?

I was told to take it easy this week, so my lovely hubby suggested that once I started to feel well that I do some scrapping instead of housework so that I didn't tire myself out. Had a CJ entry that needed doing, so did that. It was 'My Home'. The CJ I am in is a newbie one on UKS and we have all chosen our own theme. I decided that as I really like all the pages I have done to make my own CJ to keep with a copy of each entry in it. It is coming together rather like a book of me, which I am quite pleased with.


Anonymous said...

>.> Hello mother of mine.

Alex said...

Like the start of your mini book :)

Thanks for sharing.

Alex x