Friday 8 June 2007

Car Trouble Day!

Well, we have had trials today. Hugh's car broke down on the way home last night - clutch has gone. He got recovered home and then this morning had to call out the recovery again to take him down to the local garage to get it fixed. Only trouble is, the garage can't get it done until late Monday. Meanwhile, Hugh, who works in Cambridge, does not have his laptop with him so can't get into work and can't do any work! We came up with a cunning idea and got one of his colleagues to collect his laptop from work and then this evening we drove to his house (about an hour from ours) so that we could collect it. It was a beautiful evening for a drive - all through the Essex countryside. Hugh has now got his laptop so can work at home on Monday.

Tomorrow my car goes into the same garage for its MOT! An expensive weekend coming up I fear.

Penny has completed her first week of GCSEs and has survived it! She had good news on Tuesday when she was offered a Saturday job at the local chemist. That was the first interview she had been to since turning 16 and so we are thrilled for her. She starts on the 23rd June and is really looking forward to it.

Managed to do three layouts today. Haven't time to post them this evening, but will try to do so tomorrow. I used the Pencillines sketches for two of them and then for the third the weekly challenge on UKS.

Well, off to listen to Penny doing her keyboard practice now.

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