Tuesday 3 November 2009

Wrestling Mania!

This photo makes me feel so proud of Penny. It was taken this year at the live recording of TNA Wrestling at Universal Studios when we were there on holiday. Penny has loved the wrestling for years and has seen it live twice over here. With the problems she has (that's another story) to see her have the confidence to attend this live show twice on her own was absolutely wonderful. We did have a panic though when she took ages to appear at the end of the show - she got caught up in buying/returning merchandise and was nearly the last person out! So, we decided on the last evening of filming to attend with her. I have to admit that it was actually a lot of fun! Penny had worked out how to get us into the VIP queue and then she got picked to be right at the front, ringside, with her posters. This was the best evening for her as she got to speak to wrestlers, have wrestlers speak to her and had the founder of TNA thrown at her! She cannot wait to see them again and is going to Wembley in January and would love to go back to Florida to see the wrestling there again.


helena said...

great example of prompt 2

Jocelyn said...

Great story, and great hook to bring me back again, well done

Anonymous said...

we went to see it Live in Birmingham DS has loved it for years too still does even those he's fifteen and his friends don't really get it. gald she had a good time:)