Sunday 28 February 2010

Pencillines Sketch 175

Did this layout this afternoon. Used My Minds Eye Laundry Line papers, my Cricut for the title and a flower made using Anna's instructions.

Sitting at my desk in the conservatory with the rain lashing down outside, but at least the light is still quite good in here! Watching 'A Place in the Sun' whilst scrapping - would love to have a holiday home somewhere hot. Oh well, have to make do with our caravan and taking it somewhere hot instead!


Giulietta said...

Nice LO Becky - did you make the flower yourself?
I don't mind the rain really - its the lack of light that gets me. I just love the West Indies this time last year. I feel I'm walking around on the bottom of a muddy pond these days!
where would you take your caravan?

Becky said...

Hi Juliet - yes, I made the flower using instructions on Anna Bowkis's blog - I have put a link further down on my blog. I would love to take the caravan to Australia! I know that is rather impractical, when we went in 2002 we hired a campervan which was great fun and we bought the caravan when we got home! We are actually off to Northumberland in it soon, which I am looking forward to - although it won't exactly be hot! Would love to take it to Italy though - maybe one day when Hugh and I can both take enough time off work!