Monday 3 May 2010

Busy Weekend ....

on the scrapping front! Even though I have had the most viscious headache all weekend, I have done more layouts over the weekend than I did over all of last month! I have managed to do the Pencillines layout for this week and two layouts with my Sarahs Cards kit plus another layout using the sketch from their blog. The sketch one I will have to  blog later in the week, as I haven't photographed it yet, but here are the others I have done this weekend.
Pencillines Sketch 185

First layout using Sarah's Cards April Kit and Design Leaflet
Second layout from Sarah's Cards April Kit
Hugh phoned this morning from New Orleans - the exhibition is going well, it is really humid there and they had a massive storm yesterday evening. He has Thursday free and may be able to go to Jo-Anns or Michaels for me - yippee! I did send him with a list in case he had some free time!

Mum and Dad came down this morning for a cup of coffee and spent a couple of hours which was really nice as I hadn't seen them for about a month as they had been on holiday to the South of France. They both looked really well and it was lovely to see them. They brought me down a book which I haven't read - a James Patterson, so once I have finished my current book I have a nice thriller to look forward to.

Back to work tomorrow, so probably no more scrapping until next weekend. Should hear from Anna this week to find out when the Retreat has been re-arranged for. Hopefully not when I am on holiday in Portugal!


Rachael Elliott said...

gorgeous LOs Becky, I didn't work with that kit but it looks lovely.

Sian said...

I love the butterflies falling off the edges of the page on that last layout. Hope the headache has cleared up.

Missus Wookie said...

Looks great - glad you got time to scrap.

How fun to see your parents and here that you might get goodies too :)

domestic goddess said...

love these layouts,and yay you can come to the retreat!