Sunday 2 May 2010

Sarah's Cards Layout

A second post from me today after so long without posting! I don't know what's come over me. Well, yes I do. I've finally got all my jobs done, it's pouring with rain outside, Hugh is away on business, Ben is watching a film in his room and Penny is still in bed, so I have TIME to myself! After I have finished this post I am even going to go out to the conservatory, put a film on - The Young Victoria, I think - and do some more scrapbooking!

Well, I saw this post on the Sarahs Card blog and although I haven't got the papers I went searching for some that would do (and so I am still using up old stash - ssh, you are not supposed to mention that I bought some paper from Artbase on Friday!) and found this which was in an album kit I picked up in the States last year on holiday. I absolutely loved doing this page, but definitely need to get the larger MS butterfly punch. It's my birthday next month, so I think it might go on the list!

Well, the conservatory is calling, so I will be away and look at my Sarahs Cards kit that arrived last week and the Pencillines sketches that I haven't had time to do over the past fortnight!


gwyneth said...

That's really lovely Becky, love the pp's you've used.

Rachael Elliott said...

Looks gorgeous Becky, love your colour combination looks really soft.

Sian said...

Young Victoria and scrapbooking together? You can count me in!! I love your colour combination too

humel said...

This is really lovely :-) You minibook on the previous post rocks, too!