Sunday, 30 May 2010

Happy Bank Holiday!

I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend. Mine started off at 6.45am yesterday as Ben and I got up and went down to the pool for our weekly swim. I have now been swimming every Saturday at this time for about 10 weeks - it doesn't get any easier getting up that early on a Saturday, but I do enjoy the swimming once I get there. I only managed 54 lengths this week - have been managing up to 60, but I felt really tired!

Once I had returned home, showered and dressed Hugh and I went to Brentwood shopping - nothing for me unfortunately this week! A couple of casual shirts for Penny from M&Co and a couple of pairs of trousers for Ben from Sports Direct. We then rushed home to be back by midday as Penny was coming home from lunch from her Saturday job. Once she had returned, and as it was raining, we decided that we would both spend the afternoon doing our hobbies. I managed to get a couple of layouts done -
this carries on from my layout of Ben last week. I also did this one, which was based on another sketch in the Pencillines book
I used a key which was in my package from Sian and some corrugated alphas which had been lurking in my stash for a while now.

In the evening I watched the video of our wedding, as it is our anniversary today - 23 years! It's a little ritual I have to watch the video every year on, or within a day or so, of our anniversary. The outfits all look so dated and 80's! I really enjoyed myself though and spent a lovely 30 minutes watching it. I did fast forward through our best man's speech though as he goes on for ever and it wasn't very funny at the time, let alone 23 years on!

So, to end this post I would like to wish my hubbie a very happy anniversary, and thank him for the past 23 years (and also thank you for the beautiful Lovelinks bead for my bracelet xx). We have had some troubles, but mostly happy times and I love him lots. Here's a photo from our extremely happy day:

Love you Hugh!


lynmcf said...

happy anniversary

scrappyjacky said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.

Sian said...

Happy Anniversary! We have a little ritual of looking at our wedding photos, too (we're a year behind you at 22 years this summer)

It's lovely to see that key being put to such brilliant use! Thanks for your lovely message yesterday too x