Monday, 24 May 2010

What a scorcher!

Yes, this past weekend was a scorcher! Hugh and I went out on Saturday to get some shed paint and ended up buying a new garden table and chairs. Here are Hugh and Ben putting them together:
Hugh was quite good and actually let Ben help! Quite often he forgets that Ben is an adult and quite capable of helping. I think that Hugh also thinks that he is the only one who can do it properly, so he doesn't like anyone else to do 'his' job! However, he is slowly getting better and I now have a lovely new table, chairs and parasol on my patio put together by both of them.

Another job Hugh hates to relinquish is the barbecue. Ben fancied a barbecue at lunchtime and Hugh very nearly interfered, but we compromised and Ben did his own at lunchtime and Hugh did one in the evening! What is it about men and barbecues? I have done a layout with the photo of Ben - will try and upload it later in the week.
It would be lovely if the weather is the same again next weekend, but the forecast is not brilliant. Our barbecue that Hugh did was not hugely successful as the gas ran out halfway through the cooking! We had to finish off the steaks under the grill. We did have a second one on Sunday evening, after visiting the caravan shop to change the gas bottle, but we had to have chops which are not quite the same lol.


scrappyjacky said...

Looks like great fun...and you're right....what is it about men and barbeques!!

Sian said...

Men and barbeques indeed! Although there was a young lady here begging to be allowed to strike the match and actually light it at the weekend.

Julie Kirk said...

I missed the first BBQ of the year at my parents house on Sunday as I was ill in bed, with a temperature .... in that heat! I *let* my other half leave me behind knowing how much barbecued meat products seem to mean to men!

Thanks for your comment on C+P - I've added a little follow up to it over there.