Friday, 21 May 2010

Penny's birthday

Here, at last, are some photos from Penny's birthday lunch at my Mum's last week.
Penny having a glass of lemonade (my sweet daughter cannot stand alcohol!)
Ben, Henry (my nephew) and Del (my brother-in-law, who is smiling the most cheesey smile!)

First view of the lunch table
Second view of the lunch table
We had boiled ham, parsely sauce, leeks in white sauce, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes and roast potatoes (Del had chicken breast as he is awkward lol). For desert Penny had requested a Cadbury's Flake Cornet, which Emily also had. The rest of us had strawberries, raspberries, cream, cheesecake and lemon roulade - all extremely yummy and all the better for me as I had not had to cook it - thank you Mum xx
Penny had requested French Fancies as her birthday cake, so Mum piled them all up and managed to get 19 candles into them.
And here is Penny blowing them all out, with Grandad watching
A lovely photo of all the children (well, three young adults, and two lovely little girls)
Ben, Olivia, Henry, Emily, Penny

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Giullietta said...

Just had an enjoyable time catching up with your blogs! Love your mum's comments - I'd hardly dare mention spelling to Evie about her blog!
And she cooked all that lovely meal (put me in the notion of making white sauce soon!) Grandmas are grand!
Lovely birthday photos too. Hope you are all well - and enjoying the sun today!