Wednesday, 21 July 2010

49 things - another list!

So Sian from High in the Sky has posted a new list of '49 things' and I couldn't resist copying it to my blog to see what I have done from it. Have a look at her blog and my list below and see how you compare!

  1. Seen The Terracotta Army in China
  2. Cross stitched a sampler
  3. Kept a friend for more than 20 years
  4. Made your own jam
  5. Seen the Crown Jewels in The Tower Of London
  6. Attended a school reunion and enjoyed it
  7. Kissed the Blarney Stone
  8. Learned how to tap dance
  9. Seen one of the Wonders Of The Ancient World
  10. Ridden a tandem bicycle
  11. Commissioned a piece of furniture
  12. Sold for profit something you made yourself
  13. Seen Sydney Opera House
  14. Walked up the outside of a volcano
  15. Met an idol
  16. Found or sent a message in a bottle
  17. Held a stranger's hand, just because they needed you
  18. Thought you might have seen a ghost
  19. Been caught speeding
  20. Won a bet
  21. Visited a penpal
  22. Published a poem
  23. Had your appendix removed
  24. Pierced an interesting part of your body
  25. Seen your name in lights
  26. Had a handsome man buy you Champagne
  27. Had tea at The Ritz
  28. Found a peacock feather
  29. Made a collection of more than 50 objects
  30. Crossed The Equator
  31. Partied through til breakfast
  32. Found a fossil
  33. Seen The Northern Lights
  34. Built your own house
  35. Started a Mexican Wave
  36. Judged a competition
  37. Flown in a hot air balloon
  38. Spent too much money on something you've only worn once
  39. Scored an own goal. Figuratively or otherwise
  40. Appeared on live tv
  41. Asked for your money back
  42. Had your photo taken with someone famous
  43. Grown your hair long enough to sit on
  44. Been locked in somewhere overnight, or long enough for it to start getting scary
  45. Found something valuable and made sure it was returned to its rightful owner
  46. Taken part in some kind of endurance event or attempt
  47. Driven from one end of your country to the other
  48. Been publicly recognised for bravery or special community service
  49. Gone out on the town in an outfit you've made entirely on your own
And here are two more for this list:

  50.   Had your gallbladder out
  51.   Been on a train pulled by a steam engine

Let me know what you have done - perhaps post it on your blog. What from the list haven't you done that you would like to do? The thing I would like to do most is see the Northern Lights. I have almost kissed the Blarney Stone! We went to the castle and Hugh and Penny kissed it, but as I am absolutely terrified of heights I just couldn't lie down, on my back and hang out to kiss the blinking thing!

Did some crafting last night with my little circle of friends, so hope to share with you at the weekend when I have actually finished the layouts and photographed them.

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Sian said...

You are absolutaly right! We have lots of things the same (even down to wanting to see the Northern Lights). Thanks for doing my list..this is one of the very first posts I have read in my great catch-up and it really made me smile x