Saturday, 31 July 2010

Oh my word!

What a long time since I last posted. Life has just been so hectic - mainly work, where we have been recruiting for the past month and as I work in HR, that has meant that I have been extremely busy. So busy in fact, that I have had little time for any scrapping. I have done two layouts, well completed two layouts that I started at a crop and I will try and get those photo'd and pop them on here.

This weekend is a birthday weekend for the family. My sister had her birthday yesterday, my niece (on Hugh's side) has her birthday today and it is my Dad's birthday on Tuesday. So.... I am holding a birthday barbecue here tomorrow - not for the niece though as she lives in Cornwall! To tie in with this, I have got my 7 year old middle niece staying for the weekend (birthday sister's oldest daughter!). She arrived this morning and we spent the afternoon at Barleylands' Farm. She is hopefully asleep now - has been finding it a bit strange as it is her first time. We took loads of photos (not uploaded yet!) and she wants to do some scrapbooking with me tomorrow morning before the family arrive in the afternoon.

I will leave you with a couple more photos from our holiday as I haven't uploaded anything else yet!
Hugh having a paddle
Sunrise over Albufeira


Sian said...

Photos of Portugal always put me in a good mood :)

Have fun scrapbooking with your guest

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph of the sunrise!