Tuesday, 13 July 2010

More Portugal

I loved all the narrow cobbled lanes around Albufeira. You could find positions to take photos where you couldn't see any modern living, ie, cars, satellite dishes, electricity wires!
We walked for hours over the week around these lanes - the only problem we had was when a seagull had a rather large accident all over Hugh! Fortunately he was wearing a cap and most of it landed on that, but it also went on his polo shirt (had to buy washing powder and wash it!), his arm and the camera backpack he was carrying. He was not amused! (I was lol!).
This is the church down by the marina. We walked there from our hotel, which was only about 10 minutes and all down hill, so lovely. Not so great going home when it was all up hill! The sky really was that blue - I have not touched up the photograph at all.

I loved all the different chimneys they have in Portugal. This is just one of the designs - I took quite a few photos of the different ones to do a layout of them. Can't wait to get going on my Portugal album now.
This sign made us laugh. Cliff Richard has a vineyard not far outside Albufeira and this road was named after him. There was also a photo of him in our hotel as he had visited it - quite a while ago. The reason we found this quite so funny is that my boss thinks I am a huge Cliff fan and bought me a Cliff calendar last year. All I had said was that I like the Christmas song, Mistletoe and Wine and she seemed to take it that I am madly in love with him - which I hasten to add I am not!! Hugh and I had a bit of a giggle about the road sign and decided to take the photo for me to show my boss - hope it doesn't end with me receiving more Cliff memorabilia!


Abi said...

This is a lovely post and the pictures are beautiful. Lovely warm and sunny. Must be a shock coming back to rainy cold england! Thanks for sharing. Abi x

Karen said...

Such beautiful photos. The white buildings against the blue sky are stunning!