Thursday 26 August 2010

Cherry on Top Award!

I was thrilled to be given my first blog award, from Karen. Thank you sooo much, you made my day!

There are five conditions to my award, so here goes:

1) That I thank the person who gave me my award!

2) That the receiver places it on their blog

3) Receiver lists 3 things about themselves

4) Receiver posts a picture that they love

5) Tag 5 people for the award to keep it going.

So here are my five.

1) As I said, my award came from Karen. She is a wonderful lady, whose blog I have only recently come upon, via UKS. How she manages to do such wonderful crafting with looking after her severley autistic son, I don't know - I am full of admiration. Having a daughter of 19 with Aspergers I know how difficult things can be. Do go and have a look at her blog, her cards are beautiful.

2) The award is on my blog - up the top!

3) Umm, three things about me. I love photography and have recently got PSE to play with. I love my scrapbooking and wouldn't be sane without it! I love my blog - I have met so many wonderful and talented people through blogging who I would never have met otherwise.

4) Gosh, a picture that I love? I have so many, but this is one of my favourites as it brings back many happy memories of our holiday last year.
5)The five people I would like to tag are:
  1. Sian, whose blog, From High in the Sky, was one of the first I found on Shimelle's course last year and I have been hooked every since! She is so funny and creates some wonderful items, not just scrapbooking. Do pop and see her.
  2. Rinda. Her blog Gallo Organico showcases her wonderful talents, not only of scrapbooking but of altered art, art journals and so much more - a very talented lady.
  3. Deb at Paper Turtle, is based in Arizona, makes the most gorgeous flowers and takes spectacular photos.
  4. Anna, at Scrapping Tonight. Hers was the very first blog I ever started reading and I love to hear about her life with her two daughters, dog and hubbie. She is an extremely talented scrapbooker and I love her work. I have been lucky enough to attend two of her Scrapping Angels weekends and attend her classes and find her a real inspiration.
  5. Lastly, another find through Shimelle's blog class - Abi, a young scrapper who manages to make wonderful pages whilst studying for her A levels. Her blog is such fun, full of youth and exuberance.
    Have fun ....


    Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

    Oh, Becky, aren't you sweet. Thanks for thinking of me for your Cherry on Top Award list. :o) I'm happy to play along.

    Sian said...

    Becky, you've made MY day! Thank you so much _ I'll have to get my thinking hat on now x

    domestic goddess said...

    thanks Becky,and thank you for your lovely words, *blush*

    Abi said...

    Thank you SO much Becky! its lovely to be commended for my blog! You highly deserve the award as well!! will be posting it up on by blog! Abi xx

    Karen said...

    Glad to have cheered you up, you deserved it. Thanks for your kind words too.
    Karen x x

    Maria Ontiveros said...

    Thanks for the award! And I love the duck picture. I've been away from my blog for a few days, as I was out of town for work. But I'm working on my response, and I'll post it on Monday.
    Thanks again!