Monday, 30 August 2010

Pencillines Sketchbook Layout

This layout is from a sketch in the Pencillines sketchbook. The photos were again taken at my cousin's wedding, but at the reception this time. The words around the circle are some of the words from the musical Hair. There is a tag hidden behind the picture of Hugh and Emily which tells the story. Basically, my sister was admiring my cousin Helen's long hair. She and my Mum were gossiping about it and saying that they expected that the extensions she had cost her a fortune. Pippa then went to chat to Helen and said how much she liked her extensions. At which point, Helen grabbed hold of them, pulled them out and said 'do you really, they came from the Ideal Home Show, go and try them on!'. Pippa promptly went to the loos and tried them on. As you can see from the other photos, her youngest daughter Emily was stunned and her husband and our uncle were amazed!

We all had such a laugh and said how lucky it was that at our age our hair was now all the same colour - is that genes or is it L'Oreal!?


Deb said...

:o) Fun story and really cute layout!!! xo

Sian said...

Great story for your lovely page :) I love the colours you've used.