Sunday, 17 October 2010

3rd post today!

Well, I got another layout done really quickly and I am quite pleased with it. I've moved on from my birthday and have started on our Portugal photos. This layout shows the folk dancers we saw on our last evening and is based on Pencillines sketch 100. The evening was a lot of fun, although quite scary at the beginning! We were picked up the last of 4 couples in a jeep, driven by a very wild Portugese driver! We had a 40 minute journey to get to the tavern in the middle of the countryside and at one point thought we weren't going to get there as he was such a bad driver! On the way home everyone nominated Hugh to tell the driver to drive more carefully - he was a bit better and we did get back to the hotel in one piece! The folk dancers were fantastic. It was a really, really hot evening and they danced their hearts out and got sooo hot! They all looked as if they were really enjoying themselves too and not just dancing to earn themselves some money!

I again used the August Sarah's card kit - the colours are not too great on the photo as I had to take the photo in artificial light.


Deb said...

I love this layout, Becky! And your story is funny about the jeep driver. I was in a cab in Mexico once time and thought I'd never make it out alive!

Sian said...

Great page Becky! The circles are fantastic.

Sasha Holloway said...

fab fab fab .. LOVE IT