Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Prompt 2 for this class was talking about using numbers and letters as a springboard for your journalling. One great idea was to use the whole alphabet in a long piece of journalling, highlighting the letters in order. I have written the following piece about our trip to Portugal this year - I may do some editing on it but here it is in its rough form.

Alberfuira was our choice for our first long holiday without the children. Our Break was just for a week and we Chose an adult only hotel. We were Delivered to the hotel by bus - the last ones, it took over two hours for what should be a 30 minute drive! We were met at the Entrance by the man of all work who took us up several Flights of stairs to our room. We Gasped when we saw the view. Hugh and I decided to go on several Jaunts. As we had no Kettle in our room we went to the Local supermarket and bought cans of coke and bottled water to drink. Another time we hired a car and drove up into the Mountains. We visited castles, villages and local springs.  At Night we would go to a restaurant for dinner and learnt to say Obrigada when we were given our food. We found the Portuguese to be extremely kind, happy and willing to help. Before going on our boat trip, as I was worried about getting Queasy, I bought some Portuguese travel tablets - they worked! The boat ride was actually quite Relaxing as the Sea was smooth and beautiful to look at and Turquoise in colour. During our whole trip we had no rain so didn't need an Umbrella, although Hugh did buy a Very cheap Walking stick! He managed to leave this at the car hire place, but it was there upon our return! Fortunately Hugh and I did not have xenophobia and can't wait for next Year's holiday for another Zany week together.

I am sorry if some of this is a bit corny!! There were a few letters I was finding it hard to use lol! As I say, I may tweak this a bit before using it on a layout, but you can get the general idea.


scrappyjacky said...

What a fun way to use the alphabet, amazed you managed to use all the letters.

Sian said...

I think it flows really well for something you haven't edited. Perfect just the way it is!

Deb said...

I love this, Becky. The story is fun, and the looks of the pieces with the letters bolded like that is really cute! xo