Saturday, 16 October 2010

Winner of the Friday Freebie!

Sorry I am a bit late with this - got carried away making a page last night and then have been busy today picking up Ben's car from the garage, taking Penny to the podiatrist and Hugh to the optician, cleaning the chickens and visiting the local craft shops!

So, without any more ado, the winner, as drawn out of the hat by Penny,  is ......  drum roll ........

Rinda, please email me with your address to gotchfamily {at} btinternet{dot} com and I will get your lacing card set in the post to you.

Thank you to all who entered - it was lovely to see what your favourite seasons are - mine is definitely Spring - love it when the evenings start to get longer, the grass has its first cut and smells gorgeous and there is the promise of warmth in the air. Oh well, only Autumn and Winter to get through and we'll be there again lol!


Deb said...

Rats. I didn't win. But congrats to Rinda!!! :o)

Sian said...

Nice one Rinda!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I won, I won, I won! Woohoo! Thanks! I love winning! Been busy all weekend and finally back in blogland; what a nice surprise. I'll email you!