Sunday, 28 November 2010

A Christmas Memory

So, as I said earlier in the week, I am joining in with Sian's Christmas Club and sharing with you today my first Christmas memory.

I don't know the exact year or how old I was, but I can hazard a guess at either 7 or 8 by the nightdress I am wearing, so the photos were taken in the early 1970's.
My sister (the younger of us and pulling the strange face!) and I used to wake up incredibly early. All our presents would have been delivered by Father Christmas and left in our sacks downstairs in the lounge. We were not allowed to go downstairs until Mummy and Daddy had drunk a cup of tea. Mummy always got up and went downstairs to make this before coming back upstairs with Daddy's cup for him. Whilst she was down she would turn on the Christmas tree lights and put the Christmas LP on the record player. We would nag and nag Daddy to get up and he would pretend that he was really sleepy and wouldn't wake up! Eventually we would all go downstairs - so, excited we could hardly speak.

This particular year we got our longed for tracksuits, which we couldn't wait to put on. We were always dressed in the same clothes, but in different colours.
We didn't have loads, and loads of presents, but what we did have we really wanted and were so thrilled to get. We didn't get any toys unless it was our birthday or Christmas, so receiving them made it extra special.

I remember getting this jewellery box. I had wanted one with a clockwork musical ballet dancer for ages and ages and was absolutely thrilled to receive it. I used it for my jewellery right up until I met Hugh and his parents bought me a more grown up one!
Looks like Pippa was being the crafty one this year with Replica! Who remembers that? I don't think they could sell it now - you could get very high on the fumes of the melting plastic!
We  both always had a small present left under the tree from Father Christmas and Pippa had the Blue Peter Annual and I got a box of Good News chocolates by the look of things! After opening all our presents we would have breakfast and then go and get dressed. If we were sharing Christmas with the extended family and they hadn't stayed over they would arrive about 11am and from then on the house would be filled with the smell of sherry, cooking turkey, Pop's pipe smoke and cigarette smoke from the rest of the family!

I hope you have enjoyed my little reminiscence and also the garish settee cover in the photo above!


Sian said...

Oh, Becky, this is just so lovely! It conjures up Christmas morning so well that it had me thinking about Blue Peter annuals and our sideboard and chairs like yours in the photo and all sorts of things besides. my sister and I were often dressed the same and we only got toys on Christmas and birthdays too. Thank you for sharing this today x I'm going to add your link in if that's okay?

Miriam said...

Becky this is such a lovely Christmas memory, I love the photo's. Thank you for sharing them x

Deb said...

Aw, I love this story, Becky. :o) It's cute to see the photos of you and your sister! I was the big sister too, and my mom always dressed us the same, but different colors. You are lucky to have these photos!

Liberty :) said...

Such beautiful decor tee hee! Love your memories, the blue peter annual - the stuff of legends!! I had one of those jewellery boxes too!!!

alison290 said...

My sister and I were often dressed the same but different colours,too-thanks for jogging that memory...and the Blue Peter Annual!!!!

scrappyjacky said...

This brought back some memories....the photos look like many of our 70s christmases.

Maria Ontiveros said...

what a lovely story! I'm loving Christmas club, though I'll be a day late this week. The track suit picture is priceless!

Amy said...

I love the very last photo of you both with your Mum - it is a treasure!
Thanks for sharing a great story today and I love the reminder of how special Christmas presents are - our kids these days have so much in a material sense that sometimes a little of the magic is lost.

Sharis said...

I loved this story along with the pictures. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.