Friday, 26 November 2010

Songs to make you cry

Every now and again there comes along a song where the lyrics really mean something to you. When I first heard Annie Lennox singing Universal Child it gave me goose bumps. Her voice is so beautiful and haunting and then, when I listened carefully to the words I found I had tears running down my face. To me, these words could have been written for Penny from me. She is having such a tough time at the moment and so this song is particularly poignant.

The song still has the same effect on me - I have heard it many times now and every time my eyes fill with tears and if I am on my own I let them flow (a good cry now and again does everyone a little good).

If you haven't heard it click on the link below and listen, then let me know if there is a song, hymn or piece of music that means something very special to you.


Deb said...

I haven't heard this song in years. Music is such a powerful thing, isn't it? My dad was(is) a musician and certain songs from long ago really bring back memories for me.

Carrie and I have several songs that are favorites for us - tied to some really happy memories.

Enjoy your weekend, Becky. Give Penny a hug for me. xo

Sian said...

I have lots of favourites which all bring me back to certain moments in time and I always get tearful at brass band music - my mum says even when I was a little girl in a pushchair the tears used to roll down my cheeks!

I'm thinking about Penny and wishing her mum all the very best as she supports her through this tough time x