Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Halloween - a little late!

Actually these photos were taken a little early as we celebrated Halloween at work on Friday. We normally dress down every Friday, but last week were told that we could dress up for Halloween. Brenda and I decorated our office, Di decorated reception and the call centre upstairs was also decorated. Downstairs there wasn't much joining in - in fact, there were the four of us and then only one person in IT.

OK, so we weren't very dressed up, but at least we made an effort! We had spider headbands on, spider earrings (which flashed), Goth necklaces, a skull ring each and a necklace of bones and skulls which we hung off our belts! The youngsters in the call centre did go a bit further and dressed up properly, but they had a competition to enter! We will be doing some 'proper' dressing up for Children in Need - remember the Snow White outfits last year. Ahem, well nothing quite that bad this year lol!

Anyway, before I go, here is a close-up of Brenda and me:


Sian said...

I love your spider headgear - very fetching :)

Deb said...

FUN! There's nothing like a little party decoration and some costumes to lighten the work mood. I hope you had fun that day!

I LOVE the spider on the ceiling, and your cute hair spiders too! :o)