Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sian's Christmas Club

I've been catching up on the blog world tonight and over on Sian's blog she has done a post about her Christmas Club. This sounds like great fun and I will be joining in with my first Christmas memory this Sunday.

I came home today to find the most wonderful letter from my 7 (very nearly 8) year old niece Olivia. As part of one of her lessons yesterday she had to chose and write to a person and she chose me. Here is the letter:

This letter brought tears to my eyes - I was so touched by the last sentence, which says 'I chose you because I love you and your (sic) fun I like scrap booking with you.' She is a wonderful little girl and I love her dearly. I have found a sweet notelet with a kitten on the front and written back to her. I will put it in the post tomorrow, so she should hopefully get it on Thursday and I hope that she is as pleased with her letter from me as I was with her letter.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure she will be equally pleased. It's so wonderful to get such a fine thing in the mail, since usually it's bills and catalogs!

scrappyjacky said...

What a lovely way for the teacher to encourage writing skills....and such a lovely letter to you.
I like the sound of Sian's christmas club as well.

Sian said...

It takes a special kind of aunty to get a note like that! How wonderful.

It was a lovely surprise to see my name when I clicked through to your post today. Thankyou! I'm really looking forward to reading your memory now.