Sunday, 5 December 2010

Another Christmas Memory

Oh, I am enjoying this soo much! I have been going through lots of old photos today to try and decide which memory to share. This is a memory that I used in the first every JYC that I did.

It was 1989. I had given birth to Ben in the August of that year and had a pretty rough time, although it was a natural birth. By the time Christmas came around, Ben's first Christmas, I was still pretty poorly, but determined to enjoy it!

As you can see, I had one of the many varieties of track suit that were then available (thankfully not a shell suit though lol) and I still had a lot of baby weight to lose. My hair, which had been really over permed, was not looking its best, yet I thought I looked quite good on Christmas day.

Ben's little suit came from Adams and he looked really cute in it. He woke, as usual, at 5am, but we made him wait until about 7.30am before he could open his presents! He had a walker from us (yes, a bit early, but you could use it as an activity centre when sitting in a car seat) and also a soft toy fire engine, which crackled, rang a bell when you shook it and had various different materials on it. Of course, being only 5 months old he wasn't really all that interested! Far more interesting was to watch what was going on around and be passed amongst the adults.

As this was Ben's first Christmas my Mum invited us to her house and my sister and her first husband also joined us. We did have a fun day, although as the day progressed my throat got more and more sore, Ben started to run a temperature and my Mum and sister started to come down with flu!

This photo started a family tradition of taking an extended family photo at least once a year if we can, either at Christmas or one of the family birthdays. Now that there are 11 of us, it tends to be done in the summer when we can take it in the garden!

On Boxing Day we decided we would have to leave and get an emergency appointment at the doctor's. It turned out that I had a quinsy, Ben had tonsillitus and my Mum and sister came down with full blown flu! Oh well, we had a very memorable first Christmas with Ben, one we do talk about often and one we will never forget.


Sian said...

Gosh, that certainly was a Christmas to remember! I love the fact that you can look back and smile and that the pleasure of Ben's first Christmas still shines through. Your old photos are brilliant - I'm loving that 80's look! Thanks so much for Christmas Clubbing this week Becky :)

Deb said...

Super cute picture of Ben on his first Christmas with his adoring parents. :o) Sorry to hear it ended with you all being sick! I love the idea of a group family shot. xo

Miriam said...

Oh I like this story, apart from you all being sick of course! (poor things) 1989 was my Ben's first Christmas, he was 8 moths old! Yes it was a very special time and you have prompted a lovely memory for me. Thank you Becky :)

Amy said...

Becky, you have reminded me to go through our extended family photos from Christmas Day - we have a few rippers lurking out there somewhere!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I've enjoyed flipping through my old pictures for Christmas Club as well. Love your entry today.

scrappyjacky said...

I love seeing everyone's old photos of christmas....they are just so evocative.I'm glad you did all enjoy the day....before going down with all the illnesses.

Cheri said...

Being sick at Christmas is a bummer, but little Ben sure looked happy! Great family photo too.

Anonymous said...

Oooh sorry you all got sick. Great picture of the 3 of you - he looks so cute in his litle red outfit.