Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bird of prey - in my garden!

Living in a fairly large town, you do not expect to look out of your conservatory window and see a bird of prey sitting on your lawn (well, on the snow on the lawn!).

This is what Penny saw from her bedroom window this morning and came rushing downstairs to tell me. The bird's mate was sitting on the back of one of the garden chairs, but I didn't capture that on the camera! What the photo doesn't show is that it actually had a small bird in its claws and about a minute after taking this photo it flew off with the small bird dangling below it and leaving a few feathers on the lawn. The photo isn't brilliant - it was taken on my point and shoot with zoom, which I snatched up, but I wanted to share this special moment with you.


Maria Ontiveros said...

In the semirural area where I live, we have lots of birds of prey (mainly hawk varieties), though their prey of choice are snakes and mice. I occasionally (very occasionally) will spy an owl at night, too!

Karen said...

I love moments like this. About a year ago, my son and I were driving down a street near our house and a hawk flew across our path with a squirrel in his claws. He flew into a tree near the road, and I've always wished I'd tried to get a photo.