Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Scrapology Again!

Having only recently discovered Scrapology I am now hooked! I love their March challenge and spent the weekend working on this:

The photo is one I found recently in my box of 'memories'. I have a box under my bed where I put all my Valentines cards from Hugh, birthday cards from him and the children and all my mother's day cards. I also have other bits and pieces that are precious to me. Penny and I were having a look through the box and I found a letter from Hugh's late Cousin Betty de St Paer-Hasapopolous(!) who lived in the States. She came and stayed with us a few times and I used to write to her regularly and send her photos. About three years ago I received an envelope in the post from her and inside were all the letters I had ever written to her, and a load of photos. She had sent them to me as she was becoming frail and infirm and said that she wanted them to go to a good home before she passed away as she didn't want them to get thrown out.

Most of the photos were those I had sent her of the children growing up, but also enclosed was this photo. The gentleman in the middle is Hugh's great grandfather, Louis Emile de St Paer, who was also Betty's uncle. The ladies either side are Hugh's Granny and his Aunt Louise. I never met Hugh's Granny or Aunt Louise, but on my wedding day Hugh's Father gave me a wonderful silver bangle which had belonged to Aunt Louise, so I feel I have a strong link with her. Hugh remembers her well as a wonderful lady with loads of spirit and love of life. Hugh's Granny married a Mr Gotch and they double barrelled their surnames, which is how my surname has ended up as de St.Paer-Gotch, which is nice as it is unusual, but also a pain when it comes to filling in forms or having to spell it out over the phone!

Anyway, back to Scrapology! If you haven't had a look at their site do pop on over. I am going to have a look at their past challenges and have a go at them too.


Lynn said...

Beautiful layout, photo and story too. Thanks for joining in the fun on Scrapology and for mentioning us on your blog. Good luck with the challenge.

scrappyjacky said...

How lovely and thoughtful of her to send it all've made a beautiful LO.

Linda said...

Wow, a beautiful page and a lovely story to go with it!
Thanks for joining us this month :)
Good Luck,
Linda xx

Anita said...

Hi Becky, WOW! What an absolutely beautiul page...and such a super story to go with it. How lovely to have such a wonderful photo to work with too. Thank you for joining in with us this month and your kind words about Scrapology too.
Warmest wishes

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love those birds and such a beautiful color combination.

Sian said...

I'm loving the thought of someone keeping everything so carefully and thinking of sending it back to you. That is just the kind of memory keeping I love.

Your layout is beautiful - that wonderful detail shot had me poring over it.

Stephanie Medley-Rath said...

I've never participated in any scrapbook challenges. I'll have to check out scrapology. Sounds like fun. I found you through BFS.

Lisa-Jane said...

Just my kind of layout! Lovely. (from BFS)