Saturday 23 April 2011

7Gypsies Portfolio

A long while ago I was the lucky recipient of a wonderful parcel from Sian which I won on her blog. Included in the parcel were two 7Gypsies Portfolios, which I knew I wanted to do something special with, but wasn't sure what. So they have been carefully stored in one of my cupboards and every now and then I would get them out, look at them, decide I didn't know what to do with them and then put them back!

And then, the other evening I came upon Melissa Samuel's blog and from there here Ustream class on the 7Gypsies portfolio. I was enthralled. It was just what I wanted to make. I watched the video through to the end (about 2 hours!) and then the next evening set to work. The first thing was to go online and order a few extra supplies! Yes, I know I have only recently spent a fortune at AllyPally, but there were some things that I just had to get!

So, what was I making? Well, this is the front of the portfolio (or travel journal as I am going to use it):

And this is the back:

Melissa's instructions were really good. When I was making the portfolio I ran the video again and paused it once I had watched a section, made that bit and then did the next bit.
An overview of the portfolio opened up
Close up of left hand side showing journalling pages
Showing more of the pages
Middle of the portfolio showing pocket with more journalling pieces
The middle section again, with the top flap lifted up
Right hand side
And here is a collage of some of the details
I really enjoyed making this and as I had another portfolio in the pack and quite a few bits left over I raided my stash and made another one! The first one I will use on our holiday to Northumberland this year and the second one below will be for our silver wedding trip to California.


scrappyjacky said...

this is wonderful, Becky.....just love what you've done with it.

Sian said...

Absolutely stunning Becky! I had two packs of trhe ortfolios, which is partly why one went in the giveaway, and I've never done anything with them. So now you have given back to me with this idea! They really are fab.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Fantastic! This is very inspiring! I have a couple of blank books which I"m now thinking I could do something similar with.

Alison said...

These are great Becky..TFS!
Alison xx

Julie Ann Rachelle Interior Design said...

This is super fabulous!!!! xoxo

Cheri said...

These are gorgeous Becky - and more mixed media inspiration for me! Loving it!

Valerie S said...

Becky, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love 7G and can't begin to tell you how beautiful this is! I can tell you spent a lot of time putting this together, and it shows!

Margie S (xnomads) said...

That looks great. And isn't it the best feeling when you can find a way you love to use a product you love?

Anonymous said...

Becky, these are absolutely gorgeous! designs said...

These are amazing! Love them!