Sunday, 5 June 2011

Storytelling Sunday

It is the first Sunday of the month, so I am again joining in with Sian's Storytelling Sunday.

This is the first in a little run of stories about my holidays in the South of France. I wrote them a while back during Shimelle's Beyond Blogging class and decided that they would be great for Storytelling Sunday!

My first ever holiday abroad took place the year I was 7. In fact, I had my 7th birthday whilst on holiday. My Grandad had given my parents some money and told them to spend it on something to enjoy and so they bought a tent and all the equipment, we loaded up the car and set off to the South of France, Le Lavandou in point of fact.

There are many things I have been told, but can't actually remember, about the holiday, but there are several memories which are as clear as day.

Me, my Mum, Pippa (my sister)
The strongest memory concerns the toilets!

Having arrived at the campsite and set up the tent, my Mum took me and Pippa to the toilet block. As we walked up the hill in the dry, dusty heat, she explained how many of the French public toilets are actually just holes inthe floor which one has to squat over to use.

Me in the sea
Arriving at the toilet block we came upon a row of cubicle doors. There were two 'English' bathrooms at the end of the block, but they were in use. The cubicle doors were made of wood and had a gap at the top and bottom. Mum opened the door and we were met with a drainage hole in the floor of a white porcelain tray.

'Oh dear' said Mum, 'you are going to have to squat.' I removed my knickers, squatted and started my 'wee'!

'Stop!' Mum suddenly yelled. She had been standing outside, but with the door ajar to look after me. Looking up she suddenly noticed a shower head! Yes, it was not a French toilet but a shower I was relieving myself in! Fortunately I had good muscles in those days and managed to stop and move into the now vacant English family bathroom!
My Dad reading me a story - he always made
me laugh as he used to start off with 'Once upon a twice' and
then carry on being silly.
This is just one memory from this holiday, but it is such a strong one and one that gets told on many occasions!

Me and Pippa - my birthday cards are all flat on the table
as the wind kept blowing them over!


Tracy said...

Great story, made me laugh!

scrappyjacky said...

Certainly had me laughing...though I do remember French toilets that were just a hole in the ground!!!

Jimjams said...

Ha ha - brilliant! I remember squatting over porcelain footprints - yuk! I love the polaroid treatment you've given your holiday snaps though - happy days!

Jane said...

your story brings back memories, love the photos

Mary B said...

that made me giggle, glad I have never had to use one like that.

Wanda said...

Yup, traveling is an educational experience, esp. about "conveniences" or lack of same. Great story!

Sian said...

Fantastic! Your story has taken me right back - just the way I like it! And of course it made me laugh. Thank goodness for the muscles of youth, eh?

Have you read the book about camping in the 70's by Emma Kennedy - you could give her a run for her money with this tale!

Thanks Becky. (And I like the thought that you have more of these stories to tell too..)

Lynn said...

A very funny story - its great that you have some photos from you hols.

Alison said...

I DID laugh at your story! Glad you had a good time in Northumberland
Alison xx

furrypig said...

love your vintage snaps from your holiday! I think you are very posh having holidays abroad when you were a child lol! Seems wierd to think I never had a 'foreign' holiday growing up and now my children have been abroad loads! Thanks for a fab story xxx

Karen said...

What a funny story and I love the old photos

Melissa said...

What a great story! My family used to camp and there's a story about a cactus . . .hmm, may have to note that for a future Storytelling Sunday.

Gem's Crafts said...

Oh your story made me giggle! Particularly as I used to live in France and we went away a lot with the caravan when I was little. Would you believe that a lot of the little rest stops still have those 'toilets'!!!

Anonymous said...

That definitely had me laughing. I've never experienced those type of "toilets" and am thinking out houses are bad enough. :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I like your story today - makes me wonder what my kids will remember from our trips abroad.

Anonymous said...

Great story and I really love how you've added captions to your photos to be able to squeeze in extra tid-bits of information. Wonderful.

humel said...

lol! Brilliant :) We encountered toilets like that in Italy last year, and they definitely weren't showers.... Not my favourite part of the holiday!!