Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Celebrating again!

After we had eaten this evening, Hugh, Penny and I popped out to Sainsburys to do a little grocery shopping as Penny wanted to get some ingredients in to do some baking.

Whilst we were there she insisted on treating me to a small bag of chocolates (I really had to have my arm twisted - not!). I said that I would like some Minstrels and as Penny picked up the bag she put it back, chose another and said 'I might as well buy you one that gives you a chance of winning a prize' as a couple of the packets had a 'Chance to Win' code inside them.

Having slowly eaten the Minstrels (I do so love Galaxy chocolate) I heaved myself up from the settee and plonked myself down infront of the computer and typed in the web site address.

I entered my code - waited with baited breath for the screen to pop up with the 'sorry you have not won this time' - only this time I got the screen saying
I couldn't believe it! I had won a £15 book token. So here I am, celebrating again :) I'll let you know what I spend my token on once I receive it! Thank you Penny for my choccie!


Sandra said...

Oh how fabulous, see I've always said chocolate was good for you :)

alexa said...

Wey-hey! How lovely is that! Chocolate AND a book - delighted for you :).

Sian said...

What a lovely surprise!

Jo.C said...

Well done - I just got the sorry maybe next time one and to think I had to struggle through the chocolate beforehand ;)
Enjoy spending it!

Carrie Rosalind said...

That is awesome - a bonus to an already yummy snack! Actually, I don't know if Minstrels are yummy because I've never had them (they don't have them in the states), but I'm going to trust you that they are! :)

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Oh that's fun! I never win those things - glad to hear someone I know is lucky! ♥

Karen said...

Chocolate and a prize!!! What could be better?