Friday, 24 August 2012

A four photo layout

I keep going back to Shimelle's 6x4 photo love class whenever I need to include more than 1 photo on a layout! I love all her ideas and used the one for April for this layout, to include 4 photos.
The fourth photo is hidden under the title block:
The journalling is not very clear there, so here it is in more detail:
And here is a close up of the title block:
It makes a change to scrap our photos from the Isle of Wight instead of our USA ones! I have taken so many photos this year and have so much to scrap, but am trying not to let myself panic about it! It really doesn't matter if it takes me ages - there is no time limit when I have to get it done, I am not 'getting behind' - I keep telling myself this and I think it is getting through!


alexa said...

That's a lovely idea, hiding one of your photos like this, and so extending the spread of the page!

Sian said...

There are always divided page protectors - that's how I store lots of holiday pictures, pages of photos only in among the layouts. Then if you fancy going back and scrapping one you can slip it out and fill its spot with a nice piece of patterned paper

Melissa said...

I used this idea from Shimelle's 4x6 class last year and really like it. Yours turned out so nice - I like all the bits & pieces on your title block.

Anonymous said...

It looks really nice. I've never hidden a photo before, just journaling. I might have to give this a try. I like Sian's idea too.