Monday 27 August 2012

A long weekend round-up

My weekend starts now at 12.15 on a Friday and I love having Friday afternoons off. The only time I don't is when my manager is on holiday and I have to hold the fort which will be the next two Fridays. - d'oh!

Anyway, back to last Friday - the beginning of a long weekend here with Bank Holiday Monday to look forward to and what better way to start it than with a picnic with Penny! We went to Hadleigh Castle (near where they held the mountain biking for the Olympics) and although the sun was not out we still had a lovely picnic and walk.
Photo created with Diptic
Saturday dawned grey and cloudy. I was up early and had the cats fed, the chickens let out, the litter tray redone and the ironing completed by 9.30am! Hugh and I walked into town - it drizzled slightly, but was warm, so not a problem. We got our bits of shopping done and returned home. Hugh decided to paint the shed and I got out my scrapbooking bits and pieces (3 layouts completed!). Hugh found a frog whilst moving things to paint the shed and Penny moved it to a safer place.

We then had one of the most massive thunderstorms that I have every experienced! It lasted for well over an hour - the rain was coming down so hard I could harldy hear anything else apart from the rain pelting down when I was in the conservatory! We took advantage of a lull and ran out to the car and drove to Braintree to take Penny out for a celebration meal - celebrating her successful completion of her college course (with distinction) and getting her place at university.

Sunday was a lovely, sunny day. Again I was up early (just can't sleep in when the weather is nice!) and got all my jobs done, including cleaning out the chickens and the dreaded ironing. I then got out my Tefal jam maker and made some peach jam, which I had been itching to have a go at! I had also decided at the begining of the weekend that I was going to give myself as much time for scrapping as I could and so I then got all my bits and pieces out and spent the afternoon scrapping - with a short interlude to take Penny to Basildon so we could indulge in some Thorntons chocolate!
Bank Holiday Monday I woke at 6am with a headache :( I went downstairs and had a drink and took some pills and then relaxed in the lounge so as not to disturb Hugh - however, he appeared after about half an hour to find out how I was! We relaxed in the lounge, reading all about the lion that has been sighted in Essex (!) and then got dressed and had breakfast - a treat for Hugh as I did him a full English.

After a walk into town to get a bit of shopping I made some 'Hairy Dieters' low cal meat pies to put into the freezer. The day was then our own, so Hugh worked in his railway shed, completing some scenery and I did some scrapbooking (what a surprise!).
 Penny played games on her computer (she is now baking a cake - mmm!) and the cats lurked around the garden, keeping an eye on the chickens. The apples on our trees are almost ready to be picked - apple and blackberry jam and some more apple chutney to be made I think!
Well, it has been a very relaxing weekend. I am not really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow - I am in charge and I never feel really easy about that. I have a good team, but don't like the responsiblity, which is why I am not the boss! Next weekend promises to be busy with our first trip to Folkestone to move Penny into her flat - lots of photos to be taken. Hoping you all had a nice weekend, whether it was long or the normal length!


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend,Becky

Maria Ontiveros said...

So relaxing and homey (without being boring). YOur apples look great!

Beverly said...

Congrats to penny and best wishes as she starts uni!

Sian said...

What a great way to pull your photos together - I like that very much. I'm glad to hear that your headache didn't spoil your day. That's one in the eye for migraine, eh?!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got a lot done and still had a relaxing time while at it. Glad the headache went away - have you heard that chocolate can cause them?

Alison said...

Congrats to Penny...hope she settles into Uni and her new environment quickly! Love your photo collages, and sounds like a lovely weekend
Alison xx