Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A layout to share

I used a Becky Fleck sketch for this layout. I really like this photo from our California holiday, of Hugh and his friend the seagull standing on the beach.
Here is a close up of the journalling in case you can't see it properly.
I'm having great trouble taking photos of my layouts now the autumn has arrived. In this one you can see my shadow in the photo! Wherever I stand there seems to be either shadow or I need to use flash which I don't like doing as it 'washes' the layout out. Oh well, never mind!


Gail said...

Love the colour combo.

alexa said...

Such a lovely bright page in the gloom of today! I know what you mean about taking photos - so hard to be in the right place at the right moment with the camera these winter days. This page is a lovely heart-warming reminder of nicer things!

Karen said...

I always have a tough time getting photos of layouts; our house is dark all year long---old house, small windows, lots of trees. Lovely, but not enough light!