Saturday, 27 April 2013

A day on the rails

Sunday 14th April 2013

Today was Severn Valley Railway day! After a light breakfast we set off for Bridgnorth just before 10am. We already had our 'Freedom of the Line' tickets as I had ordered them online at a reduced price. Arriving at the station we easily found a parking space and then strolled up to the station. As we had some time to kill before the train was due to leave we took some photos, visited the shop and took some more photos!

We then found a compartment carriage and settled ourselves down for the journey of just over an hour.
The countryside rolled past, still looking very wintery, with very few leaves on the trees but there were some primroses and daffies to be seen. We also saw some very large pheasant,

 horses, sheep and elephants! Yes, elephants! We were surprised to say the least but then realised that we were rolling past the safari park!
The end of the line was Kidderminster. Whist Hugh mooched round a book stall Penny and I settled ourselves on a bench under the station canopy and started on our packed lunch. We had almost finished before Hugh joined us! After a scrummy lunch we had a quick tour of the railway museum where Hugh and Penny were able to have a play with some signals before reboarding the train.
This time we were in an ordinary carriage with tables and Hugh found the motion of the train very soporific! We got off at Highley to visit the Engine Shed. We looked at some of the stationary engines with Hugh and then left him to 'geek' at them whilst Penny and I went and had a drink in the cafe. We met up with Hugh and strolled back to the platform. With 20 minutes still to wait we went into the waiting room as it had started to pour with rain.
Once back on the train we chatted until the next stop where Hugh alighted to visit the second hand book shop. Penny and I continued on to the end of the line.

Penny and I then made our way back to the car and with 25 minutes until the shops were due to shut I managed to find Sainsburys so that we could do a bit of shopping. I also managed to find my way back to the station car park where Penny and I read the paper whilst we waited for Hugh. I was quite pleased with my orienteering!

He eventually arrived at 4.45 and we returned to the chalet. After a cup of tea I prepared our supper and we had a glass of wine before sitting down to watch our DVD of Death in Paradise.

A lovely, but tiring day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very full day. Hugh must have been in his glory with all the train stuff. :)

Karen said...

Sounds like a great start to your holiday. Love the photo of the trunks, and I know a couple of folks who would have loved the train museums.

alexa said...

Trains with compartments are just the best - and combined with cages and bookshops, is there anything nicer? Really enjoyed your very atmospheric photos and glad it was such a good day for you all in different ways.

Missus Wookie said...

I always loved riding in the compartments, so nice. Sounds like a good day Wookie would like such a day.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Henry loved trains when he was little, and we really enjoyed the trips we took back then.