Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Relaxing Easter Weekend

I am back at work now, but had a thorougly enjoyable and relaxing 4 day weekend!

It started on Thursday, when Yvonne let me leave work 45 minutes early, which was lovely of her! When I got home Ben had arrived back from Reading to spend the weekend which was great.

Good Friday dawned bright and sunny! Yes, I know, sun! So we decided that after doing the jobs that needed doing we would go for a walk in Norsey Woods. Well, of course, by that time the sun had gone in again! Oh well, we still enjoyed ourselves!

Ben and Hugh striding out - Hugh with his walking stick, Ben with a huge stick he found in the woods!
 It was rather muddy in the woods and we were glad that we had worn sensible footwear! Penny didn't like coming across these stepping stones -they were very slippery!
 Of course it wouldn't be a walk in the woods with Ben and Hugh if they didn't have to hang off something - this time, not a branch, but a swing that had been put up on a branch!
Hugh couldn't manage very well!
 Ben did chin ups on it!

After walking for about 40 minutes the sun came back out again, so we quickly arranged a  couple of group shots!

Saturday was spent waiting in during the morning for the carpet estimator, as we are having new carpet on the stairs and landing. Of course, we were the last appointment (any time between 9 and 1), so we just did jobs whilst we were waiting for him. Once he had been and we had eaten lunch Hugh and I went out to look for a new kitchen. We have arranged for a kitchen designer to come in a couple of weeks to design and then give us the price - gulp! The thought of having to empty all the kitchen cupboards is a bit daunting, but it needs to be done!

Easter Sunday Ben was going home, but not until after we had our Sunday dinner of roast lamb. It was lovely to have both the children home for the weekend. Once Ben had gone, I went into the conservatory to scrap, Hugh did some of his model railway and Penny watched Dr Who on BBC iplayer!

Which brings us to Easter Monday. No photos, well there will be some later in the week of all the layouts I produced over the weekend! I was on a bit of a production line! I have also got back into knitting and have knitted a pair of wrist warmers for Penny and so far, one glove - the second is on its way!

I will leave you with a photo of Ben with his Easter egg from us - what can I say!?


Maria Ontiveros said...

What fun photos of your weekend. Love the huge chocolate egg.

Rhona said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend Becky. Love all the photos and the glimpse of sunshine! x

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend together.

Beverly said...

My goodness, Penny seems to have really become a young woman since she's been off at school. I love photos taken from the perspective of people walking ahead of the camera. Is Ben's egg chocolate?! If so, I hope it's hollow or he might not finish it before the Easter Bunny returns :)

Karen said...

What a fun weekend, and what great photos to remember it by. Redoing a kitchen is a daunting task, and ours took a LONG time, but we'll tell you it was worth every minute and every penny!

Alison said...

Will be thinking about you during the kitchen renovation!....glad you had some sun, and a fun weekend!
Alison xx

alexa said...

Now there's a generous parent or two! Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun, and the wrist warmers are clearly going to be needed for some time yet!

Sandra said...

What a fabulous time you all had ... Yummy egg lol

Anonymous said...

A new kitchen? Nice! Look forward to hearing about it.