Thursday, 26 September 2013

A late weekend recap!

I really don't know where the week has gone! The weekend disappeared in a flash and now it is Thursday and I haven't told you what we got up to at the weekend!

Ben came home on Friday night and we spent over an hour looking at some absolutely wonderful photos of Madagascar. Before he left he downloaded them onto my portable hard drive and so I have my pick of which ones to scrap! No doubt you will be seeing some on here soon!

Saturday dawned grey and chilly. However, it did not stop us going to the 'Fayre'. We met Ben and Rachel over there and spent a really enjoyable couple of hours.
I took a lot of photos of the Viking battle, but this is the Instagram one I will be using on my LSNED page.  Part way through the battle I asked Penny if she had had enough 'No way! It's brilliant!'. At the end Ben turned round with a face splitting grin 'That was brilliant! I really enjoyed that!' I am so glad that they still like things like that and reacted just as they would have done aged 9 and 11! There were lots of stalls selling 'medieval' bits and pieces like swords, clothes, swords, bows and arrows, more swords! We had a lovely hog roast for lunch and then made our way home.

Sunday was an early start as Wendy and Sue were meeting up at my house for me to drive us up to Alexandra Palace for the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show.

We had a really fun day out. The hall wasn't too busy and we managed to spend a bit of money each! There weren't too many stalls selling scrapbooking papers, but there was plenty of choice when it came to other bits and pieces. We finally arrived back at my house at 4.30pm exhausted!
And here is what I bought! Again, Instagram for LSNED. My best bargain was the box of glitters, reduced from £25 to £12! I am looking forward to having some time to play with all these bits soon.

This weekend sees our last trip to Canterbury on Sunday as Penny's term finally starts on Monday. She is going down by train on Saturday and we will take down her bookcase on Sunday, have some lunch out and then return home! I hope to be able to post a couple of layouts here soon! Hope you are having a good week.


Karen said...

There's a similar faire near here each summer, but we've never been though we always talk about going. It sounds like you had a lovely time; being with family is the best! Looks like a good haul at the craft show as well.

Anonymous said...

There are some of those around here and I keep thinking we should go to at least one. I'll put that on the list for next year. :) Sounds like you all had a blast.

Missus Wookie said...

My youngest sister and her two boys do reenactments - so there are lots of swords around.

Looks like a fun weekend - hope Penny's new term goes well.