Monday 30 September 2013

What happened over my weekend.

Well, we were busy again! My weekend starts Friday lunchtime and as it was the last Friday that Penny had as holiday we went out to lunch at Nandos which was lovely.
Saturday was lovely, sunny and warm, so Hugh spent the whole day in the garden doing the autumn tidy up. I cleaned out the chickens, dodging the conkers which were falling off the tree into the chickens' enclosure. I felt like Chicken Little - the sky is falling! The rest of the day was taken up for me with shopping, cleaning, washing and ironing!

Sunday was a little more relaxing, but still involved a trip to Canterbury! This time I drove us there to make sure I know the way for when I go down to see Penny on my own. I made it without going wrong, which I was very pleased about! We parked at Penny's flat and unloaded the bookcase and her clothes and moved them into her flat - phew, the last things! We then hopped into the car and drove into town to have lunch at Wetherspoons. We had a lovely meal and then Hugh drove back whilst Penny and I took a stroll through Canterbury to walk our meal down.
After a cup of coffee at Penny's flat we left her there to start her new term today. It felt very strange not having her in the car whilst we were driving back and once home the house seemed very quiet. As we got home fairly early I dived into my stash and created two pages - not the ones below, as it was too dark to photograph them once I had finished. I will share those later in the week.

These two layouts I made a couple of weeks ago for my California album.

Sorry, Blogger messing me about here, can't make it centralised!

I love the papers I have used in the layout below - I used a Shimelle sketch as inspiration. The hearts were cut out of one of the sheets of paper - I am sorry, I cannot remember which brand it is and I am typing this at work so can't go and look it up!

And here is the journalling in close up.
Well, I am home alone tonight as Hugh is away on business in Wales. It is going to seem very strange, just me and the cats! I think my choice of tv, a nice dinner and then an early night! I might squeeze in some scrapbooking too thinking about it!

Oh, just before I go, I must wish my Father-in-law a very happy 91st birthday! I hope that he enjoys the cheese hamper we sent him for his birthday!


Susanne said...

Good luck to Penny with the new term, and to you adjusting to the quiet. Your pages look great - I especially like the combination of navy and florals that are so popular now.

Karen said...

I still remember the quiet house when both of my kids left. And I still prefer to have them around, though I have certainly gotten used to having just the two of us around. Here's to a great term for Penny!

Sandra said...

You had a busy weekend didn't you, and I should imagine, quite emotional. Still, you've put your energies into bring lovely and creative

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Sounds like a fun and busy weekend. I love that photo of you and Penny!

I'm still so impressed that you have chickens, and I'm hoping that one day you'll do a blog post about them. :o) Do you get a lot of eggs from them?

PS: I'm off to look up what a "cheese hamper" is...

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the photo of you and Penny!

alexa said...

Love the clever title of your London Bridge page :). and hope Penny settles in well - that is a lovely photo of the two of you.

Missus Wookie said...

I like the title of the London Bridge page and that is a great photo of you and Penny. Canterbury has some lovely shops and a nice tea/coffee place overlooking the river in the old jail. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Penny this term and to you adjusting to the quiet. :) Ok, you've got me puzzled - what is a conker? Of the 3 layouts the third one is my favourite.