Monday, 16 September 2013

Quick weekend recap

Another busy weekend has passed far too quickly! Saturday morning was spent at home doing chores and loading the car up (again!). After lunch the three of us piled into the car and set off for Canterbury - again! The journey wasn't too bad, although the traffic was very heavy going over the Dartford Bridge and once we arrived in Canterbury. We quickly took everything up to Penny's flat and as it wasn't raining set off to find our way to ASDA so that Penny could get a few bits of shopping.
These photos I am using for LSNED and taking on my iPhone using Instagram.
Here are Penny and Hugh walking back to the flat down the main road in the student village. Penny had decided to stay over, so Hugh and I arrived back home at 7pm. We immediately phoned Ben as he had just returned from his two week trip to Madagascar and we wanted to hear all about it. He was asleep!
Ben atop a mountain in Madagascar - I will find out next week which one!
Hugh and I spent the evening watching a film we had seen before, but enjoy - Return of the Mummy!

Sunday morning we always take it easy - I watch the latest Glitter Girl video on my iPad and Hugh reads his train magazines whilst we have a coffee in bed. We were just doing that when the phone rang - it was Ben! We had a lovely chat with him finding out everything about his trip! He put some photos onto Facebook and I have poached the one above. He took nearly 800 and is coming home next weekend to see us and show us all the photos.

After our chat we got up and had breakfast and then it was chores - again! Once the boring ones were done we were able to take advantage of the autumn sunshine and get out into the garden and harvest the apples.
The weather forecast was a little inaccurate - it poured with rain all afternoon and has gone really cold. Penny arrived back home at 4.30pm after Hugh collected her from Billericay station as there were engineering works and a bus replacement service. I spent the afternoon creating some layouts and finishing the two layouts I had made at Sue's house last week. And that was the end of the weekend, except for a lazy Sunday evening watching tv and the conclusion of 'What Remains'. How was your weekend?


Missus Wookie said...

Sounds like a nice weekend - it was horrible weather yesterday afternoon wasn't it? Glad Penny stayed over and that Ben had a good time in Madagascar.

scrappyjacky said...

We're harvesting apples as well...quite a crop this year.

Karen said...

We're off to our garden today to see if there are enough tomatoes to make another batch of sauce. Haven't thought about apples yet, but we have no fruit trees. Sounds like a nice balance of activities at your house for the weekend.

alexa said...

What a great mountain top shot! And I do like your apple photo too - a whole layout in itself :). Glad you all had a successful weekend.

Abi said...

We harvested apples too and made them into a scrummy apple crumble!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a nice weekend with some accomplishments and some relaxing. We had a nice weekend - dinner out with friends, a few chores, completed a puzzle, worked on some scrapbooking & LSNED stuff, and watched out football teams.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I love the photo of Hugh and Penny, and the one of Ben on top of that mountain is really fun too. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Sandra said...

The Mummy series are my favourite films, I watch them over and over lol. Sounds like a good and enjoyable weekend

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very full weekend. That picture with the weather looks really neat!