Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekend recap

Phew! I've come back to work for a rest lol!

Saturday morning saw us up and out of the house by 7.50am to collect a transit van. When we had collected the van we drove back to our house to collect the corner piece of Ben's sofa and then the three of us (that is me, Penny and Hugh) squished into the front seats of the van and set off for Lower Earley.

We arrived with Ben at 11am and deposited the corner section in his living room, then Hugh and Penny piled back into the van, whilst I got the comfort of driving with Ben whilst we went to his old flat.

Cleaning, more cleaning, more cleaning and touching up the paintwork then followed!

Just before the final vacuuming, we moved the last bits of furniture down to the street to take back to our house as it is furniture Ben no longer needs.

Tired but feeling very accomplished with what we had achieved, we went back to Ben's house and he treated us to Kentucky Fried Chicken for our evening meal!

We left him just after 6pm and eventually got home, having dropped the van off, at 9.20pm. We were totally exhausted!
Sunday, of course, the clocks changed and we lost an hour which we could really have done with! Hugh was a sweetheart though and went out and bought me two croissant as a treat for breakfast for Mothering Sunday.

I had a lovely card and present from each of my children and after doing catchup jobs in the morning, I was able to spend the afternoon scrapbooking and I was on fire! I did five layouts! Here are three of them, all made with the March kit from SJ Crafts.

Penny and Hugh then put together a lovely buffet tea, followed by the most delicious lemon cake made by Penny.

So, although we were very tired at the end of the weekend, it was very productive and lovely to spend it together.

On the health front, my sister is now in hospital! It never rains but it pours with my family. She was taken in with chest pains on Friday and is still in waiting to have an angiogram. We are hoping that it is nothing too serious and wishing her a speedy recovery.


Sian said...

I hope your sister gets good news soon.

KFC is our favourite treat after something like furniture moving too. Actually, let's be honest, it's our favourite treat as often as possible :) That's a job well done, though

Missus Wookie said...

Hope your sister gets good news soon, looks like a lovely cake.

Sandra said...

Sending good wishes to your sister, I hope she's on the mend soon.

We LOVE KFC ... It's a lovely treat and one you all truly deserved

Beverly said...

Already dreading when Nicholas and his roommate move out in May. They've been in it 3 years. So glad you had a relaxing Mothering Sunday!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Sounds like a busy but good weekend, Becky. Your layouts are lovely, glad you had a good Mother's Day, and so sorry to hear about your sis. I hope she's ok!

Karen said...

So sorry to hear about your sister. I hope you've had good news before you read this. The photos of you on the second layout gave me a good chuckle this morning!

alexa said...

Hoping all is going well for your sister and that she is receiving good and helpful care. A busy weekend, but what a luxury to be able to spend the whole afternoon scrapping :). I very much like that third page of yours!

Anonymous said...

The layouts are lovely Becky. Sounds like you had a really good and busy weekend. Reading my backlog of blogs most recent to oldest I was glad to hear your sister is doing well.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a busy but good weekend!! Love what you've done with the kit this month! xx