Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dr Who Experience and a Trip to Cardiff

Google maps said an hour and a half to Cardiff from our cottage.

The reality was more like one hour 55 minutes!

However, the day was sunny and Mermaid Quay was very attractive once we arrived.

We mooched around the Quay and then sat and ate our picnic lunch looking at the boats and the art.
Ben took this photo of Hugh and me in Cardiff, the city where our romance began.

We then walked round to the Dr Who Experience - a treat for our mad Dr Who fan, Penny.
We saw the Tardis.
We queued and went through the experience - no cameras allowed during that, but let me just say that it was superb and I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I am not as big a fan as Penny.
We exited the 'Experience' into a hall filled with costumes and models of the doctors and the interior of the Tardis.
Penny was in her element - see her big grin?
We then went upstairs to see more models of the 'villains' of the show. Ben had never seen an episode of Dr Who, but he still enjoyed the whole experience.
The weeping angel - don't turn your back on her!
Hugh was attacked by a Cyberman!

Our day finished with a meal back in the cottage, but then I had to retire to bed early as I had a migraine, caused by relaxing too much I think!


Evie Winter said...

How fun! We went to the experience when it was in London and greatly enjoyed it, though it was several seasons behind which was a little strange. Hopefully the more recent series are represented now?
Also we did a Dr Who tour in Cardiff which was also lots of fun! As I live in London and we did it as a day trip (via train) it was a long day and the only thing we did was the tour - a shame as Cardiff looks lovely.
Glad you had a good day.

Sian said...

Oh, wow! can't you just imagine how much Little E would love that costume display? He would have had a fine time with Penny :)

alexa said...

I was a great Dr Who fan in my youth - usually from behind the sofa! Must have been super to see it all close up - sorry about the end-of-the-day migraine :( but there seemed to be lots of happy faces earlier :).

Sarah said...

Looks like a fab day Becky. Hope you're feeling better now xx

Sandra said...

Looks like you all had a great time (migraine not included) . I do love the photo of you and hubby

Anonymous said...

We both would have loved that - big Dr. Who fans in this house! So sorry about the migraine - don't you hate those ones that interfere with holidays?

Missus Wookie said...

Sorry to hear the day ended with a migraine but the rest of the day looks like great fun :)

Miriam said...

I recognise that boat/face! isn't it lovely? So glad you had a good day and hope he migraine settled quickly.

S said...

Interesting, some day I must look into who this Dr. Who is. I seem to be out of the loop.