Monday, 5 May 2014

Weekend recap!

Well, I am recovering from a fun extended weekend! Recovering because today Hugh and I did a load of gardening and I am feeling so stiff this evening!

Our weekend started with preparing food for Saturday night as we had our friends Gillian and Andrew coming for dinner. I cooked a lasagne from scratch using a Mary Berry recipe and then made a pavlova for dessert.
The pavlova when completed really reminded me of my Gran as she was the one who started the pavlova tradition in my family. My Mum also makes a wonderful pavlova!
We also had homemade icecream, courtesy of Penny, vanilla with fresh raspberries and marshmallows - mmm!

We had a lovely evening with our friends and they didn't depart until nearly midnight.

Sunday morning saw me up bright and early as I was going to the Weald of Kent Craft Fair near Tonbridge, with Wendy. We had both won tickets to it on Facebook. I drove us there and the weather was beautiful and the roads nice and clear!

We were greeted by this wonderful fellow when we arrived.
There were lots of different arts and crafts to have a look at - we didn't really buy much as things were quite expensive!

However, we had a lot of fun and saw this little fellow too:
A pygmy hedgehog - so cute! We also went through the food tent and there was lots of deliciousness there!
Unfortunately, we also found out on Sunday that Hugh's Dad has been taken back into hospital as he is unwell and his diabetes has gone out of control. We are hopeful that they will be able to get him better soon.

Monday dawned and it was still sunny. I had promised Hugh a bagel for breakfast as he had seen an advert on television last week and was swayed by it! So I made his special breakfast bagel first thing.
We then went into the front garden and attacked it! Below the windows of the lounge is a border that has had grape hyacinths in it ever since we have lived here - nearly 22 years now. And I HATE them! So, finally, we have got around to doing something about them.
 Basically, what we did was dig down about 2 inches and skim the earth and the bulbs out of the border. We filled 8 sacks with the earth and bulbs (which we later took to the municipal tip) and then put down weed control fabric followed by pebbles on top!
I am so pleased with how neat it looks - it always looked scruffy before with weeds and the leaves of the plants. We may put a couple more tubs along under the windows, but for now I am happy! We also weeded a border between ourselves and next door and moved a rosebush from under a tree to a happier place for it!

We are now waiting for Penny to return from London where she has been to see a TNA wrestler who was holding a free 'meet and greet'. She didn't have anyone to go with, so went on her own. She has had a wonderful time and is now on the train back to Wickford.

Well, I hope you all had a good weekend, whether you had a long one or the normal length! Only three weeks and we get to do it all again (although hopefully with less gardening next time!).


Abi said...

What a delicious looking pavlova and glad you had fun at that craft fair!

Gail said...

Oh that pavlova looks so delicious. Sorry to hear about Hugh's Dad.

Sian said...

We had a good weekend thanks, though the weather was rubbish!

I hope Hugh's Dad feels better soon

alexa said...

Best wishes for Hugh's Dad and hoping for better news soon ... My heart melted at the hedgehog photo - just so very sweet! You also make a mean Pavlova ...

Alison said...

Hope Hugh's dad is improving...I love spending time in the. Garden too!
Alison xx

Karen said...

It's not often that you get such a great combination of fun and productivity in one weekend! Hope Hugh's dad recovers quickly.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Good on you for that gardening, and your social time sounds very fun.
Sending good thoughts for Hugh's dad.

Missus Wookie said...

Hope Hugh's Dad is feeling better. Home made ice cream is always a treat - sounds like a good weekend was had :)