Monday, 28 July 2014

Me on Monday

I am joining in with Sian and her meme again today. 

This weekend has been a gardening, shopping, Wendy to dinner and taking her to the woods for a walk, relaxing kind of weekend! Not a lot to report really, but very relaxing and enjoyable.  

Now I am in Leeds on my first business trip away from home in 25 years!
And here I am in Monday on Liverpool Street Station on my way up to Leeds! I travelled with my manager and we came first class from Kings Cross, which I have to say was rather nice! Been working very hard all afternoon though and we have meetings with staff tomorrow from 9am to 2pm every half an hour! 

Dont forget that if you would like to be entered in the draw for the book please leave a comment in the post below. Hope you have a lovely week!


Missus Wookie said...

Enjoy the trip away - hope it is productive and that you get first class back to London too!

Sian said...

..and I'm chasing my tail catching up on a Tuesday, waving madly at your exciting trip!

S said...

So do have fun!!

Melissa said...

Hope your trip & meetings all went well!

Sandra said...

Don't worry about putting me in the draw, as I have the book already. But I wanted to comment anyway; how fancy going on a business trip ... But boo to working too hard