Monday 12 January 2015

Me on Monday

Phew! Thank goodness the weekend is over! It has been a wallpaper stripping (all done now), rubbing woodwork down, decorating again sort of weekend.

We did get a break mid Saturday morning when our friends Peter and Maggie dropped in for coffee. They live in Wales so we don't get to see them too often, so that was a nice hour!

And on top of that, although we were working really hard all day Saturday I didn't have to cook an evening meal as we had been invited to our friend's Gillian and Andy for a meal. We hadn't seen them for about 6 months, so that was a lovely way to spend Saturday evening and Gillian produced a wonderful meal for us.

Talking of food, I used my soup maker again this weekend. It has seemed like soup weather recently and on Friday I made up my own recipe of parsnip, carrot and potato soup which was really nice. Today I took a bag of mixed vegetables for soup from Aldi and popped them in the soup maker. I think you were really supposed to use them to make a chunky soup, but I prefer my soups smooth so chose that option. The result was delicious, but a rather evil green colour!
I hope that you had a good weekend and that it was more relaxing than mine! This week looks to be very busy at work again, so I am looking forward to next weekend when there is just some minor prep work to be finished before we get our handyman in to finish the decorating.

Me on Monday was originally Sian's idea, so do hop on over to her blog to see what she has been up to this weekend!


Jo said...

It sounds like you had some lovely things to break up the decorating x

Sian said...

I can just smell that wallpaper coming off. It has a smell all its own, hasn't it?

Bet the soup smelt better. We bought Little E's dad a soup maker for Christmas. Must ask him if he's been using it as much as he'd been planning to

Have a great week!

debs14 said...

I hate all the preparation that has to happen before the decorating begins, it takes so long! Sounds like you had some fun things to do as well!

Sandra said...

Well done on all that preparation, it does pay to do,it well. I know at the time we don't think so lol

How lovely though to have caught up with friends over the weekend, buy also friends you don't see that often x

Alison said...

You really worked hard this weekend! Xx

Melissa said...

Y'all certainly did get some work done over the weekend. Glad you had nice visits with friends to break up the work!

alexa said...

Great to be able to work all day and then not have to oook :). Your soup looks delicious - I prefer mine smooth too.

Anonymous said...

I bet it tasted better than it looked. Love the description of evil green colour. :)