Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Project Life Catch Up

I meant to post my pages monthly but forgot to do January's, so here are Jan and Feb for you to have a look at.

First off, here is my intro page for the year.
And here is the left hand page for January

and the right hand page!
I didn't have much going on in January so had quite a few filler cards. These photos were taken with the cards in the page protector which does result in some glare, so when I took February's I left them on top of the protector. 

February saw us having a visit to Ben and Amy, a hospital appointment and minor op for me, Hugh spent the weekend with Penny in Canterbury and I had a day out to a craft fair with Wendy and Sue. And, our lounge was finally finished! 
These also are not the best photos! I have had to use my phone to take them as Penny has borrowed my point and shoot camera for a university assignment! At least I have been able to share these pages with you though!


Missus Wookie said...

Well done on catching up!

Karen said...

Love that photo of Penny in February's layout. I was happy to see your Collect collage in both layouts. I haven't tried to print those yet. Any hints?

alexa said...

That's very cool, printing the meterological info onto the photo like that. And you are keeping up so well with your PL.

Jo said...

Great pages. I'm still finishing November!