Tuesday 7 July 2015

Project Life - May 2015

I've only just managed to do May and it is the beginning of July, but here it is in all its glory!
Left hand page
Right hand page

I purchased a complete PL Azure core kit from the selling page on Facebook. Don't think I will end up using all the cards, but liked using them for this spread anyway.


Melissa said...

These looks great! I really like that collage of mini-photos (have you been doing that all along & I missed it?). Those core kits come with a LOT of cards, don't they?

KraftyKaren said...

Great pages - love the knitted zombie!!

Alison said...

Great pages Becky.....just had a lovely catch up with your last few posts xx

Anonymous said...

It looks great and your 5 months ahead of me. :) Must get some pics at the clinic this week.

Jo said...

Great pages with lovely photos x

Susanne said...

Nice pocket pages. I love listening to Dan Brown's audiobooks - he does know how to keep the action moving and keep his readers guessing.