Sunday, 25 October 2015

Project Life - July and September

As I mentioned in my previous Project Life post, I had completed July but forgotten to blog about it! I took the photos Sunday afternoon before it got dark (eugh, end of British Summer Time), but to be perfectly honest I couldn't be bothered to get all the cards out of the pockets, so I do apologise for the glare on the photos. I will make sure when I do October that I remember to leave the cards out of the pockets before photographing them!
For my July pages I actually used the Collect  photo app for most of the photographs. I quite liked this idea for a change and if I do PL next year I may do it more frequently.
For October I was back to my normal way of recording the month - choosing my photos and printing them out on my Canon Selphy.
Most of these photos you have probably already seen as I have shared them as either my favourite photos or on other blog posts! I am trying to choose different photos for PL from those I then do full 12x12 pages with, but with the graduation ones I just had to use these are they are my very favourite ones!
 Well, I had quite a scrappy weekend, as I met up with Wendy and Sue on Friday for our monthly crafty get together and then as Hugh was away on business all weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons in my craft room. So, I will be back later in the week to share my five favourite photos from September all scrapped on their own pages.

Hope you had a good weekend and that if you are on half term this week that you have a nice time - oh how I miss school holidays!


Karen said...

Great pages; I love the Collect app and have managed to keep it going every day all year. I printed out some for one or two months, but need to remember to do it more often.

Jo said...

Really great pages and I think you were right to include lots of the graduation photos, they are so lovely x

alexa said...

Lovely to see the photos in their final destination - and don't they look great altogether? I've seen the Collect app mentioned a few times and must take a closer look as I really like yours. That sounds like a very crafty and creative end to the week. Hope this one goes well for you!

Sandra said...

Fabulous pages. I'm thinking of doing mine monthly next year

Gail said...

They look great Becky even with the glare - oh my a whole weekend of scrapbooking - how lucky!